About Me

So…who even is Hallie Keiper?

We’ve all got a semi-memorized, straightforward response to meeting someone new. A little intro of your life, the past, current, and possible future. Usually, this involves telling them what you do, or what you hope to do, where you’re from, and maybe a few respectable passions or hobbies of yours.

Unambiguous. Routine. Easy to digest.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a quick elevator-style summary of your life. Not at all. It’s good even! It allows you to gain some trust from a complete stranger quickly and succinctly. That’s not what you’re going to find in this about page, so if that’s the kind of commitment you were searching for, I’d find a different website to browse. I’d like to show you who I really am, and who I’d really love to become.

But who are you, really?

If there is one thing that I am the most enthusiastic about (besides my dog and the Minnesota Vikings – because let’s face it, those are givens. Oh, and dark chocolate!), that thing would hands down be my Bucket List. Wow, it’s even capitalized like something important, she must actually be serious. I am. Truly.

When I’ve shared my Bucket List with others, I received a multitude of responses. None of them negative, per se, but some along the lines of “Aren’t you still a teenager? What do you need a bucket list for?” or “Well, there are a lot of things on that list. You’ll have to really work to get those all done.” Of course, along with more cynical replies like these, there have been an equal, or most likely greater, amount of acknowledgments praising me for having big dreams, or the guts to even write those dreams down with the genuine purpose of attempting to complete them. Both of these types of responses have prompted me to add to my list, and work diligently to cross items off of it.

My head was always filled with big, skyscraper-sized dreams, but I only had the courage to actually write them down about 6 years ago. I was anxious, and I was worried that writing them down was completely pointless. The cynicism and doubt inside my own head started getting me down. What if I don’t finish any of them? What if I write down something stupid? What if, what if, what if? But what if it was great, beautiful, and complicated, the way all of life is? I knew I had to write those dreams down, and never, ever let anyone make me regret that decision.

My Bucket List will tell you more about me than anything else I could tell you. Unless you’re a sociologist who could observe me over a few weeks for 24 hours a day, I promise you that this will do it. Sure, you won’t figure out my hometown from this list, but all you have to do is ask and I’ll tell you that. It’s a fact, and I can easily report facts about myself to you. But, instead, by reading my list, you’ll recognize the true, genuine, complex being that is me. And maybe, hopefully, you’ll be inspired to create a list that reveals the real you, too.


Want more information on how to start a bucket list? Check out this guide to get some ideas flowing.