Bucket List Item #48: Drink from a coconut

Bucket List Item #48: Drink from a coconut

Drinking from a coconut was one of my first bucket list items that I was able to check off of my list.

I completed #48 in Puerto Rico on March 22nd, 2014 (it seems like just yesterday!). I had been on spring break with my best friend Brooke and her family, and the whole trip was incredible.

Crossing this item off of the bucket list was not planned. In fact, I had almost forgotten that I was in a country where there were many coconuts accessible for me to use for this item!

I remembered quickly that afternoon though. And boy was I thrilled.

Brooke, her mom, and I were on our way back from getting Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, our form of relief from the crazy heat, when all of sudden – there it was. A coconut lying there on the sidewalk directly in front of us.

Brooke and I looked at each other and then back at the brown fruit lying there, basking in the sun. We looked back at each other and grinned. We were gonna break that coconut right open.

In our minds, I’m sure we pictured ourselves to be buff track stars who could split the fruit open with one hand, maybe even while blindfolded. ‘Twas not so.

Rather, we took turns chucking this coconut (whom we deemed Wilson as far as I can remember) at the sidewalk as we strolled back to our hotel. After the 12 billionth throw, with our arms aching and our egos bruised, we sat down on the grass.

But then, a miracle happened.

There, across the street, was a tiny pole-like structure sticking out of the ground, maybe by a foot and a half. Brooke and I rushed over, grinning again. Then we began to hit the coconut against the top part of the pole.

Broken open coconut for Hallie and Brooke to drink from
Our beautiful coconut, at this point broken open and ready to dish up.

Sweet Success

Our efforts paid off, and lo and behold, our determination (more appropriately deemed stubbornness) led to our success.

We raced back to our hotel room, digging around for those free coffee cups they leave in your room. We found some, and then, oh-so-carefully, we began to pour the coconut juice into our cups.

Pouring the juice from a coconut into a cup
We only drink the good stuff.

It didn’t taste bad, nor did it taste good. It didn’t matter knowing the adventure we’d taken to reach this point, though. Oh, the taste of sweet, sweet success.

This moment is not how I expected to check off #48 on the list, but, then again, that’s the whole point. While some (uh, skydiving maybe?) should be more carefully planned and researched than others, many bucket list items should not be methodically organized down to the last detail. Spontaneity is good when it comes to bucket lists!

I encourage you to keep writing down your dreams, and then, when you get the chance to experience them, live fully in the moment. Happy listing!

Hallie making a weird face after tasting the coconut juice. Item 48 on her bucket list = complete!
As you can tell, 14-year-old me preferred orange juice.


Puerto Rico has taken a hit since I last visited. If you feel so moved, visit this link to help Puerto Rico recover.