Bucket Lists: How to Start Yours Today

Bucket Lists: How to Start Yours Today

So you wanna start your very own bucket list.

Congrats! This is great news! I, for one, am very proud of you.

Starting a bucket list is honestly the most difficult part of having a bucket list. But you can do it! If I did, you most definitely can. Hopefully this little list can help you out and get that bucket list rockin’.

Step 1

Go for a walk. It may seem odd, I know, but walking and thinking greatly increases your brainstorming abilities. Set out on a path near your house, on a treadmill, or just wander around your house, but get off your butt and walk around.

Step 2

Record your voice. Use your phone or a real voice recorder if you’re cool and have one of those, and then take that walk. As you’re walking around, let your mind wander to all of the places you’ve always wanted to go, or an odd activity you thought would be pretty cool, or maybe even some random food you’ve wanted to eat. Speak all of your ideas out loud, and don’t say no to any of your ideas before they come out of your mouth. Speak every thought that comes to your mind, even if they may sound dumb at the time. Speak them!!!

Step 3

Listen to your recording and write down every single one that even sounds remotely interesting, fun, or exciting. The point of a bucket list is not to be rational or normal. These are your dreams, things that are important to you. Write them down even if they seem crazy. You can even edit it later on if you realize that you don’t truly want to do one of these things. But for now, write them all down, not letting fear or logic hold you back.

Step 4

Continue to add as your life goes on. With a base bucket list down, you will go through your normal, everyday life and randomly think of things that you’ll immediately want to add to your list. Someone will mention their trip to Paris and you’ll think – Hey, I wanna go there. Or you’ll pass a red 1969 Mustang on the street and think to yourself – Wow. What it would be like to drive one of those. Well. There ya go. Things to add to your list. I recommend keeping an idea list on your phone, or even the entire bucket list, in your notes app, or a list app like Wunderlist. This way no idea will go unwritten, and your future self will thank you for it.

Starting a bucket list can be scary. I know. But I have faith in you, and I am extremely proud of you for even considering it. One day, when you’re crossing dreams off of your list, feeling accomplished and oh-so-happy, you will thank yourself for being brave and writing those dreams down. Happy listing!


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